designs & Alterations

It's Time to fix it up

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Tops & Blouses

Starting rate for tops & blouse alterations is $15 & up

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Pants & Denim

Starting rate for tops & blouse alterations is $15 & up

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Dresses & Skirts

Starting rate for dresses & skirts alterations is $20 & up

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Other Custom Alterations

All custom alterations & projects are pending alternative circumstances. Please contact me for inquiries.

Innovative Designs

The goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that’s why commitment to being your source for the newest trends brings joy to my innovative fashion side. Designing clothing along with wearable leather accessories. To creating multi-functional designs that can increase your wardrobe with that subtle, classy & sassy look. Focus on your inner spirit while looking great, comfortable & confident.


Your closet & daily wardrobe choices can dictate the kind of day you might have. No matter what you’re deciding to wear, it should radiate your vibe & light. If your favourite pair of jeans do not fit you to what you expect, or your new blouse is just a little too big, don’t worry. Let me help get that perfect fit because you deserve to feel confident in what you wear. So off with your clothes and, let’s get them altered.