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Alterations, Custom designed clothing & upcycled shop

Seamstress / Fashion Consultant. Creating things you love and bringing fabric to your life.

What it's all about

PDA Designs & Alterations

Dedicated to providing you with quality services, whether it's repairing, up-cycling or even designing a personal garment, there is a solution.

Thrift Shopping is an alternative to find unique, revamped, vintage items that are individually characteristic. Find the urge to seek out what others weren't.

Explore every side of fashion

Every outfit can be made for you! From custom wrap dresses with Victorian sleeves part leather with a leather belt to a dress fit just for you for your big day. 

Unleash your inner fashionista

Everyone is bound to express themselves. What better way to express yourself than through your clothes. Clothing allows us to be loud or quiet, bold or cocktail ready. Become your inner fashionista today. 

A little About Me 

Edgy combined with grace describes my light & vibe.  I am a seamstress who creates, designs, up-cycles and repairs garments of all desires. After sewing off and on since my teen years, I finally decided to put my best foot forward to transition my vision  into reality. My niche is thrifting and remodeling items that others shove aside. I enjoy pushing the limits of rules to create wearable & multi-functional designs. My style revolves around a spunky Victorian, Steampunk Era, leatherwork & accessories, trendy & thrifted items and of course, embracing my comfortable style the majority of the time.